Style Guide Draft

Updated September 2022


  • Use Heading 1 for titles, Heading 2 for headings, Heading 3 for subheadings. Follow this hierarchy for further subheadings.

  • Use default font on all materials.

Logo Use

  • This is our primary horizontal logo:

  • Use with white background.
  • PowerSlice is one word with a capital P and S.
  • Don’t change color of logo.

Brand Colors

  • Our brand colors include red (hex #DB332E) and gray (hex #4E4E4E).
  • Use red color for icons.

  • Use red color for certain headings and buttons.

  • Use gray color for certain buttons.


  • Use friendly, personal language (you, yours, us).
  • Avoid overtly technical language that the user won’t understand