Help Guides Style Guide Draft

Updated September 2022


  • Divide articles by the different features of each screen (e.g., Exporting Site List and Filtering Site List are separate guides.)
  • Limit instructions to one line for each step.




  • Use Heading 1 for guide title, Heading 2 for headings, Heading 3 for subheadings. Follow this hierarchy for further subheadings.

  • Bold key words (e.g., if guide is about filtering, bold filter, filtering, etc.)


  • Ensure large and/or wide screenshots have a width of 577

  • Ensure small and/or long screenshots have a width of 300

  • Give screenshots a black border.
  • Use bright blue color (hex #1745F6) for any markings on screenshots.
  • Avoid excessive white space on screenshots.



  • Center screenshots.
  • Include a screenshot for each new step or instruction

Wording and Language

  • Use “screen” instead of “page”
  • Use “menu item” instead of “tab”
  • Use friendly, personal language (you, yours, us)
  • Avoid overtly technical language that the user won’t understand